Fundraising Ideas

Get Your Group Involved!

I’m sure that many of you have fundraised many times before, but it is an exciting way to get your group involved and to appreciate what it takes to perform.

There are many ways you can fundraise


Bag Packing at large stores, Write to them and explain why you want to raise money and who in your group it will benefit!

Entertaining, Do you have a Hotel / Restaurant nearby where you live? would they allow you to entertain their guests?

Put on a show at your school/ club for parents and friends.

One meeting a month organise a bring and buy at your club.

Why not wear ‘Odd clothes’ one meeting a month and get people to pay for the most outragous costume!

Sponsored silence? works well in a Baby Ballet class!

Have a PJ day! at your club – what fun to get sponsored to wear your pyjamas or nighty all day!

Sell cakes/tuck shop at your club.

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